He doesn't want the bottle anymore.

JoEllen - posted on 11/29/2008 ( 3 moms have responded )





My son is almost eight months old. He has been at home with his dad drinking my milk from the bottle since about five months. Recently, he has started just drinking a few sips and then starting to play with the bottle. We would all love some advice about how to handle this. Thanks and have a great day!



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Alicia - posted on 12/01/2008




i swtched ariana onto a straw around 9 months with the idea of a friend an a co-worker. i used juice boxes to help her get the idea of sucking .. i would squeeze the box until juice hit her mouth an she got it in one day about.

Bernadette - posted on 11/30/2008




I say go for the "big boy"/baby food. If he is done with bottles-great! Less pumping for you and he will start filling up on the other good stuff. As long as he is still nursing with you then he's good. I love you and wish we could be next door.

Michelle - posted on 11/29/2008




if he is showing signs of not wanting to use the bottle anymore, i would try using small sippy cups, double handed 4 oz at first and see if that works. i know i personally had a hard time getting my son off the bottle and onto sippy cups. he would drink juice from the cup, but not the milk. he finally gave up the bottle last summer when he was 1-1/2. he'll be 3 on dec 17th. now since he's started daycare, he rarely uses big boy sippy cups, now he drinks from regular open cups.

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