He is rejecting me!!!!

Narelle - posted on 05/05/2009 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 2 yr old son Noah won't have anything 2 do wit me as I work n my hubby stays at home. He goes 2 daycare n his dad does everything wit him wen I'm at work. Of a morning he gets into bed wit us but he won't com near me he goes 2 his dad's side n kisses n cuddles him but not me. It's very hurtful, my hubby even tells him 3 giv mummy a kiss n cuddle but he won't. He even sits on him wen he is playing a game or reading n wen I say com 2 mum he say's "NO" . My heart is broken...the labour I went thru 2 have him n this is wat I get...


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They are little devils and know what they are doing. He is getting a good reaction from you so he keeps doing it. It is his way of getting attention from you. Perhaps you could just sit quietly with him while he plays and let him instigate the interaction. You need to make sure though that there are no other distractions for you - ie tv or phone and just watch him play. I do it with my daughter and she plays on her own and then she will come over and hand me a toy or give me a cudlle but if I ask for it she shakes her head no.


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Narelle - posted on 05/08/2009




Thanks 2 all ur replies...It makes me feel a little bit beta knowing that I'm not the only 1 going thru this. Wat makes this harder is that Noah is my last child so I want all the kisses n cuddles I can get as we all no how fast they grow up. My 6 yr old has soccer saturday mornings n his dad takes him so I will spend time wit Noah doin somthin special.

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Have a special time with your son in a week. He's used to always being with daddy. I have the opposite problem, my son always wants me but rarely wants his dad - but I stay home now and he works long hours. So on Saturdays when daddy is home, I go out for a few hours to have some "me" time while daddy stays with the baby and plays with him and has some alone time with him. This has helped alot.

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My son does that too. He's almost 2 now. Only throws fits with me, is great for his dad and his brother. It'll pass though. Just a stage... everything's a stage. When my son decides I'm not what he wants, I just take some much needed me time. The only time he's really interested in me is when I'm cooking. I do all the mixing and such on a low table I put in our kitchen so he can see what I'm doing. That always makes him want to hang with me. Then when cooking's over... right back to dad.

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Oooh, that does sound hard :(

Does ur hubby take him to daycare??? Maybe you need to have one day per week where dad goes out and does his own thing so that you and Noah can have some one-on-one time. Or the two of you could go and do something special without dad.

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