Help!!!! My 3 year old poops in her nappy every time!

Michelle - posted on 01/27/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




I do not know what to do any more. Aimee never ever wets her panty but for some reason always poops in her pants. I have explained to her that she must go to the toilet. I have sweet talked her, I have begged her and yesterday I had a fight with her. She did do it in the toilet the first two times and then she just stopped.... I am desperate.... it has been going on for two months now.


Michele - posted on 01/27/2009




My sister had an issue with her son where he was afraid of pooping because he thought his insides were coming out. When my sister figured out what the issue was, she sat down with him and told him how when you eat food, it goes in your mouth, down your body and comes out as poop. She then explained how when you drink, it goes in your mouth, through your body and comes out as pee. The next time my nephew sat on the toilet, he said to her, "well, there goes lunch!" Sometimes it just takes explaining in terms that make sense to a very imaginative little mind! ;)

Vicki - posted on 01/27/2009




Hi there

I have the exact same problem with my son who is also three years old. Everytime he wants to poop, he would ask me to put a nappy on and I would refuse. I found that he won't poop and he would then go constipated. Coincidentally I read an article in last nights paper where another mum asked the same thing. She was advised to rather put the nappy on for her daughter because some kids have this thing thinking that their insides are gonna fall into the toilet if they poo in the toilet. Damn, I wish I had that article with me now. I will see if I can bring it tomorrow and then I'll post it. But I know the best thing that was advised is to leave her and let her poop in the nappy.

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My daughter did the same thing to me but I discovered that she wouldnt do that if she was naked.  So when we were at home I let her go without panties.  When she needed to potty she would come and tell me.  She wouldnt poop without panties or a pullup.  And I did this for a good while until she got the hang of it.  I started when I had several days in a row that we could stay home.  It was also summer time too so that made it a little easier.


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My wee one went through the same thing - was potty trained by about 2 or so but would not go poop in the toilet I continued to let her poop in a nappy as she just stopped going poop when I mentioned the toilet and would hold her poop in. Now we have been going poop in the toilet for about 7 weeks or so she is still scared of going but I sit with her and talk about normal things and it seems to help. I didn't want her still pooping in nappies at 31/2 however, I was more bothered about the fact at least she was going. Try a sticker chart that's how we cracked it - I got her to draw a picture that she wanted on card and set a target of 10 and a picture of any treat she wants at the top - every time she poops in the toilet she gets sticker when she has 10 stickers she gets the treat she picked and hopefully by 10 poops she is used to going to the toilet!

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