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hi my name is jessica im new and could use some advice. i work full time and have a 9 month old who is already walking and getting in to everything but at times i get so overwhelmed between work and him that i just want to walk away anyone know any ways of balancing the two or how to relax more when im with him


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Sonya - posted on 12/01/2008




hi, my name is sonya... i remember when my son is 9m old. At that time I was also working a full time job. Yes, it was hectic and overwelming. It's all in the mind set. Just keep on saying to yourself that he will not be 9 m forever and that you want to spend as much time as you can with him.. for one day he'll be too busy with school and his friends.. Remember,.. don't bring your work home. Once at home, your attention should be on him.... You will rest when he rests. Also, get him to get use to sleeping at a regular hour everyday. Once you have him on that schedule, you know you'll have that time to be on your own and relax (which is a must.. us moms need to have time on our own in order to be a better mom as we are no good to our children if we are stressed). With that mindset and the scheduling .. you'll be just fine :)... remember as a working mother.. we don't have much time with our children as we would like to.. so spend as much time as you can and enjoy it. Good luck... I hope I helped in some ways.....

Alicia - posted on 12/01/2008




wow that is hard i will say that. i am lucky inthe sense my dd is not so much into everything i can take a little cat nap an she will be extremely good. maybe trying to let go an have a little fun with an remember he is a baby an has no clue. i usually try an get her into watching her cartoons in her room she will usually sit an watch em. or during nap time i lay her in her bed a little earlier so i can have time to breath before she falls asleep since i sleep when she sleeps. maybe try a gate system with him an keep him in one area with cartoons an toys. i hoep soemthing helped.

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