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My son is six years old and he can't really talk...its been like that from he was one...the doctors told me he is going to get over it and talks but some how i don't see it or hear it from him...I want to know whats wrong!!!!


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it is concerning. There is some thought out there that things start happening around age 1-2. Have your boy checked- the pediatrician should have already noted something strange by now- during the well-baby checks. If your boy has been going to a pediatrician and nothing has been suggested, fire your pediatrician and find a new one- but, YES, get your boy tested! The sooner you find the problem (and hopefully it's an easy one), the sooner he can develop like the rest of 6 years olds and have a happy future. Good luck.

Teana - posted on 08/07/2009




Hi thanks I'll check with a speech therapist....But he is really good in school does excellent than other kids in his class...It just saddens me that when he can't get his point across or i don't understand him he gets frustrated and get mad....and screams.......I just don't know what to do...when that happens...

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Your doctor is an idiot. It's one thing if he just doesn't talk to other people, but if he doesn't talk to his mom or doesn't speak well, it's time to see a specialist. He could have some form of autism or something else, and the quicker he gets help, the better for him in the long run.

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I totally agree with Caroline, get a second opinion at least. This isn't normal for a 6 year old not to be talking.

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