hi moms, my li'lone is 18 mths. how to stop breast feeding? he wont drink fresh milk or formula, really difficult when i take him out.what alternative while going out?


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Emily - posted on 04/02/2009




He is 18 months he doesn't need to nurse around the clock. Just bring a water bottle or some healthy snacks when you go places to satisfy thirst and hunger and activities for when he is bored. My 2.5 year old still nurses but only at night and in the morning if she wakes up in time.

Tricia - posted on 04/02/2009




Is there a reason you can't BF him?  I mean, formula is artificial breast milk, and since you've got real breast milk, do you really need to use artificial?  My LO is only 3 months, but my girlfriend nurses her 24 month old in public and bacically gets no reaction from most people (and we're in the conservative midwest).  It seems like formula is being a hassle, and who needs that?  Wih an 18 month old you even have the advantage of being able to say, "Have some cheerios for now.  I'll give you milk in 10 minutes when we get to the library."

Tanja - posted on 04/02/2009




Breastfeed as long as she/he knows how to take solid foods, then try to add the formula to his food excessive amounts so that he gets what he needs, make that much calculating so that he doesn't get too much/little! he will get to the point when he likes to take the milk from the bottle as well. Keep a brake in trying, next week could be different. Chocolate is against the health recomendations...

Randi - posted on 03/27/2009




I would maybe try getting a sippy cup with a straw all kids like straws and put some chocolate milk in it! Most kids love chocolate milk!!

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