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Farina - posted on 11/20/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




I've been a working mom for about 7 years and so far everything is going fine. But lately, I'm in a dilemma about being working mum for ..hhmmff.. unfortunately for some un-explainable reason.... *tepuk jidat*


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Ronise - posted on 11/22/2008




I think it's a mom thing because we automatically have the role as chief nurturer (men aren't expected to) which we can't escape even if we work outside the home or are raising our children on our own. In some ways, it seems that we breed the guilt by refusing to hold fathers to a high enough standard of responsibility in the non-monetary matters relating to our children. Obviously there are many exceptions, but the rule seems to be daddy earns money and is only as involved with the kids as he wants to be (nights & weekends); mommy might also earn money, is 100% involved and does everything else. We think we have to be Superwoman, try to be and are guilty when we can't meet that unreasonable expectation.

Heather - posted on 11/21/2008




Why is it that most daddies don't have this same internal struggle? I hate that I have to send my boy to daycare, but without my income we wouldn't make it. My SO doesn't seem to have the same guilt. He said it is a mom thing, why?

Kimberly - posted on 11/20/2008




I can relate, I was just thinking, again, how my girls aren't involved in anything because I can't get the time. I leave early, get home late. :(

Misty - posted on 11/20/2008




I feel your pain, my parents owned their own business while I was growing up and I hated that they had to work so much and now I feel I am doing the same. Like I said in my post today is the thanksgiving lunch at my two oldest school. I really want to go but I have work coming out my butt...Its hard...

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