How can a mom best work from home and still be an attentive parent?

Bradi - posted on 12/20/2009 ( no moms have responded yet )




Answer Submitted by Julie Potischman,'s (in partnership with Circle of Moms) Resident Psychotherapist:

"This is sort of a trick question because no one can be an attentive parent while they are working. Let me start off by being honest. I am answering this question from home, my focus is on my work and my thoughts are on helping the members Butterfly. So, at the moment, I am NOT parenting, instead I am ignoring my children. The way to be an attentive parent while working from home is to first accept that you will not be attentive to them while you are working. Set boundaries for yourself and for your kids. When you have work to do at home, let you kids know your plan. For example, tell them that mommy has some work to do but when I’m done, we will do (a, b, c or d) together. Whenever possible, give them a time frame, i.e. at 3:00 mommy will stop working and will focus on you. Take breaks, even if it is a two second break to grab a hug or kiss. Have them help in any way possible, if at all possible, i.e. sort papers, staple, organize, highlight, grade, brain storm, anything that could help them feel a part of what you are doing that in turn could be helpful to you. Lastly and most importantly, when you aren’t working, give your all to your kids. Try to avoid sneaking away to check an email; make a quick phone call, or anything work related. The truth is, most of our work isn’t life or death, and as important as our jobs are to us and to others, our children shouldn’t come second. So when we are done working, be DONE working. Your children deserve even more of the same dedication and attention you give to your job each day."

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