How can i get my 1.5 years daughter to start eating normally again, as she refuses toe at anything after 4-5 bites, every meal?


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Mariam - posted on 11/25/2008




Thank youm Amy, Brandy and Lisa.... All of yoy really eased my tension away... I tried the milk trick with her, i just cut down one of her milk feeds and she ate quite well, i mean more than 4-5 bites.... And yes Amy and Brandy you really made me understand to feed them with their desired food item and that their stomachs are really small... Well thank you all again for braodening my horizon and it was really nice to meet all amazing mothers here... keep in touch and stay well...

Lisa - posted on 11/25/2008




We went through this with our daughter also. What we had to do was not allow her any milk until she would eat first----she would drink all her milk, get full from that, then be unable to eat her meal. We also discovered that her tonsils were huge, which meant she had a hard time breathing while she was trying to chew. We ended up having to have them taken out, which really hepled with her appetite. If in doubt, grab a flashlight and look inside of her mouth and see what her tonsils look like---if nothing else you can rule one thing out. Good luck!!!

Brandy - posted on 11/25/2008




I agree don't worry unless weight is an issue. Our doctor also said to allow them whatever they will eat. If she wants cereal every meal, he said give them anything they want!

She is beautiful.

Amy - posted on 11/25/2008




I had the same issue with my daughter and I talked to her peditrician about it. She said it's very normal for toddlers and preschoolers to go through spurts of where it seems like they don't eat anything. She said they will eat when they are hungry and that you also have to remember how small their stomach is, so it doesn't take much to make them feel full. If it seems like the spurt lasts a while then I would take her in or call your peditrician.

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