How can I get my 18 & 16 yr old to help more around the house while I'm unable(broken ankel/leg)?


Rebekah - posted on 09/30/2009




When I was their age it was so easy to forget that anything existed in the world except me. My mom's method was "Do it ... OR ELSE." I would help, but with some extremely hard feelings. Maybe a different, more gentle, approach will work with your kids. Sit down with them and talk about the good things you've seen them do (I hope there are some! lol) and how much you admire them for the adults they're becoming (praise them but don't lie). Ask them if they've noticed anything around the house that you haven't been able to do, or do as easily, since the injury. Give them the opportunity to take on the responsibility. If they feel as if it were their idea they might be more eager to help. There are some jobs teenagers never willingly take on. Offer an incentive (movie night at the house with their favorite snack food, etc) if they help out all week. Even as adults we don't want to work without reward. However, we know we're big kids and have to do it anyway. Teenagers usually haven't discovered that gem of truth yet. Encouragement, motivation and rewards work wonder. But if all else fails... do it or else! :-)

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