How can I get my hyper 5 year old to listen?


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i have a 4 yr old son and i find if i find he is not listening to directions i make it more of a game and say " i bet i can get dressed before you!" or i bet i can clean up the living room and kitchen before you can get all your toys picked up"...if that doesn't work i ask him to "do mommy a favour?" and he loves to help me do things so i give him simple tasks with easy instructions and he comes back and asks for more! good luck!

Sia - posted on 05/17/2009




Good Luck! Here are a few things I have tried. #1 I comment on how he handled a situation and asked him how he felt about his accomplishment. #2 Marble jar get filled for tasks which needs no reminders. #3 If he makes a mistake or choices to run instead of walk, I make tell him to pause and do it over the right way.

Sometimes I even let him jump on his trample to burn some of that energy, then give him some quiet time with music and a book to help calm him down. Whatever you do remember to think happy thoughts...especially when he/she is not listening...and make sure your directions are short and clear.

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