How can i keep the balance?

Zoya - posted on 11/24/2008 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am trying to find a working balance.... at the office and at home. Where can I find the time to DO IT ALL?


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Brook - posted on 11/24/2008




I really don't think I'll be much help here mainly because I am in the same boat. I have been a “career” girl for so long – when my little bambino made her grand appearance into my life, it sent shockwaves through my “life balance”. My priorities have definably changed and I am at a crossroads now. I am in the process of reducing my schedule to be with the family more. This seems very scary because kids grow up, leave the nest, and where will that leave me? Like the previous post, my husband is spectacular and helps when he can, but his schedule is crazier than mine…oye. I guess my advice is to look at the grand scheme of your life. In 20 years, how do you want to remember the most important days of your child’s life? Good luck.

Connie - posted on 11/24/2008




I have worked outside of the home while raising my daughter too.

Does your husband or partner help? Mine has always helped with housework & that has been incredibly helpful.

The one thing with meals is that I found some timesavers. I brown ground beef in bulk (5 lbs at a time in a stock pot, then drain it & freeze it in family size packages). That saves me so much time when I want to make a meal (I just defrost the frozen hamburger in the microwave).

The other thing is to make choices - how much can one do & what gives. There is the fly lady approach to house cleaning. Are any of your children old enough to help?

I'm sure that others will have ideas too.

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