How can i teach my 8 month old to sleep in his crib?

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So my son eats three to four good meals thru the day, and takes two naps, drinks around 27 to 32 oz formula and water combined. then he has his play time in between and alot of holding time during the day. then we try to put him to sleep between 8 -9 he will sleep in his crib for like one or two hours then cry four hours if i dont get him out even if im right there soothing him with my voice. he just wants mommy to hold him so for the last eight months after he wakes up i just take him to the couch . I want him to learn that he has to sleep in his crib.


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Michele - posted on 05/29/2009




As much as I hurts you to her him cry, you cannot take him out of his crib at night. You need to let him cry. If you need to calm him down that fine but you put him back. My son did the same thing. For two weeks I had to lay awake at night listening to him cry but eventually they realize night time is night time. You could also try only one nap.

Kelly - posted on 05/28/2009




I made the mistake of holding my oldest a little too much... we still are fighting the sleeping in your own bed battle. So when my youngest was born I had to really work at not picking him up every time he cried. (Of course I still did right up until he was about 6 months old) After 6 months of age I had to learn to let him cry it out. It was really hard and sometimes I would have to busy myself with chores or go to another room so his crying wasn't so loud. The first couple of times I cried myself. But after a couple of weeks he started learning that when I put him in his bed it was to sleep and that I would always be there when he woke up. Now he's not even fussing at all when I put him down... I just wish I'd learned that with my first child. then my husband and I would have the bed to ourselves.

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