how can parents partner with teachers to make learning more fun for their children?


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Melissa - posted on 03/26/2009




I teach second grade and would also LOVE if parents would take and interest in partnering with me to help their children find fun and success in learning! Try everything Jennifer mentioned, call your child's teacher ask to volunteer, continue the learning at home, oh and here is a link to my classroom website it has interactive learning games

Jennifer - posted on 02/17/2009




I teach first grade and would love to have parents talk to me about this! There are awesome interactive websites teachers know about you could use at home.  The more the parent visits the class and understands how it runs and what they do; then a parent can reinforce that at home (playing similar games, ect.)  Visiting the class alone make learning more fun for kids...they LOVE to have parents read to them or let them read to a parent. Ask the teacher for games (learning games) to make at home. Parents that are involved with homework and projects is fun time for some kids.  Carrying on whatever theme their learning in school to home can be fun! Hope this helps!

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