How can you help a three year old stop chewing on her hair?

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I have a three year old who continously chews on her hair. I have tried pulling her hair into a pony tail, but she is starting to fight that.


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Rebecca - posted on 06/26/2009




my mother cut my hair when i didn't stop doing this...i think at age 12 she gave up on cutting it all the time...i did it right up until about 3 years ago or when i get nervous i still do it and i'm 23...i don't really think there is a cure for it. just tell her you'll have to cut her hair if she doesn't stop and if she doesn't,cut it. it might only take the one time and then she'll take you serious when it grows out long enough to reach her mouth again. don't cut it in a mushroom cut or anything but just enough that she can't reach her mouth.

Brandy - posted on 06/24/2009




i dont know that there is help for that. i did it till i was about ten i think. my mom hated it, the best i could sugest is to put hot sause on the tips. it will stop her, but it ll make her hair kinda yucky for a little while till she does.

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