how do i get my 5 year old to eat better....she's only picky with me.


Amy - posted on 07/19/2009




Have them help you make the meals and ask what they would like to add.
My 5 year old actually wanted to add brocolli to the lasagna and it tasted great!
I also keep plastic knives so that she can butter her toast or help make her own PB & J sandwich. It can only be one meal a day but it makes them feel independent and you get them to eat healthy w/o the fuss:)

Lara - posted on 07/19/2009




Hello Lauren,

I went through the same experience with my little boy. In the beginning I had every type of self blame to impose on myself to explain his behavior but then I realized that I just had to take my time.

I started by leaving him with me in the kitchen when cooking, sharing the smells and sometime the taste of ingredients. I started with cooking foods he likes and then introduced new ingredients one by one.

I did put him on the table with us while having dinner/lunch rather than feeding him first on his own. The key was to let him take his time and trust him to feed himself.

In brief, eating had to become a shared experience between my baby and me.

This is only my experience hopes it will help.



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Caitlin - posted on 07/23/2009




Have her help cook and make it fun. For example use cookie cutters and cut the food into fun shapes or add a touch of food coloring. My daughter wouldn't touch spaghetti until we dyed the noodles red. Also I saw on oprah one afternoon a mom who would puree vegetables and add them into other things, if she absolutely refuses to eat things you may try that.

Melissa - posted on 07/22/2009




Be strong...if she's only picky with it what you are offering thats different or that she gets more options by refusing food. I simply ask all mine to "taste" if they don't eat any more thats it till next meal time, also keep it simple maybe try letting them serve themselves and only have say 3 food groups on offer (if she gorges on one of these options intervene and say no more till youve "tasted" one of these).

I only say this as I have a friends 13yr old who still only eats pasta, cheese and some fruit!!!! BUT then gets 2 serves of dessert to fill up (as her Mum was always worried about the amount she ate as she was slightly built compared to big sister - result a very finnicky eater who's still slightly built).

[deleted account]

Start slow with trying a new food once a week. Be firm, and it will come easier as you go along. But, let her know that she needs to try something new once a week and let her or him pick it out. If they don't like it, try it again in a few months or so, taste buds change.

[deleted account]

had problem similar to yours. My kids will do everything Dad wants them to do, eat food included. WIth was different-they gave me a hard time and, due to exhaustion, I gave up and gave into their demands. One day I got frustrated and tired of it, I stopped cold-turkey. Took me 2 weeks, but now they know- you either eat what give you, or you stand in the corner til you're ready to eat- either way, the food will be eaten. Good luck!

Natasha - posted on 07/19/2009




try making a wekly menu with the litl one she chowses a meall evreone has to eat and then you chows a meall evreone has to eat and in volve her with the fun safe bits of cooking if she is making bits she may eat it helped with mine good luck

Jennifer - posted on 07/18/2009




I find bribery sometimes works, sometimes. "eat 4 more, etc", and you can have this (not always a food reward, but something she likes). Even today, I had to show my 5 year old a recipe so she can see it wasn't so bad. She ate it and I was quite surprised. Sometimes they are making a power play and want to see if they have the power to control the situation. Try thinking like her and maybe you can get her to eat better.

Jael - posted on 07/18/2009




don't offer her other foods. once she realize this is what i get to eat n only this, she will stop and eat.

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