How do I get my 5 year old to stay in his own bed?


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Patricia - posted on 02/13/2009




If your son is into any stories, there is a great book out now called Jake Stays Awake, it is a short book about a little boy who wanted to sleep with his parents every night until his parents got sick of sharting their bed. My daughter was going through a stage when she would want to lay in my bed instead and now we talk about Jake and where he sleeps and why.

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I have two kids and they both come to my bed, but what has worked for me for the last week is to reassure them that I am there if they want to join me in the middle of the night and I tell them that I know they will eventually grow out of it and one day they will stay in their bed.   By me telling them that has made them want to stay in their bed,  I was amazed that did it!!!!  I have tried everything in the book and nothing has worked so I stopped fighting it told them it was ok until they grew out of it and I think that might have done it because it gave them the access to do it and therefore, they don't want to anymore......Unvelieable but TRUE!!!

Sam - posted on 02/11/2009




my daughter was a nightmare for sleeping in my bed up until last year, i made her bedroom exciting for her, let her chose what pictures she wanted up and got some fairy lights, she also watches a film in bed ( i watch about 10mins with her) and now she is quite happy to stay in her own bed, she still gets up and comes into my bed from time to time but not very often, my mum also had the same problem with my brother when he was young, she just kept putting him in his own bed when he came through to hers and he grew out of it in his own time ( around 5.5yrs) i hope this helps. x

Amy - posted on 02/10/2009




I saw this method on a few episodes of the nannie( I think thats the name of it) with that British lady who goes to peoples homes... Anyway, Before they even go to bed make sure they use the bathroom. When my daughter was that age I would give her a snack and a last drink about an hour before bed. That helps avoid trips to the bathroom. Then if they get out of their bed after youve tucked them in, you just calmly take them by the hand and say "It is time for you to go to bed." and bring them back to their bed. Do that for the first two times they get out. If they continue to get out of bed after a second time, dont even speak to them. You just take them by the hand and put them back in their bed. Even if they start to have a fit, show no reaction. Keep doing this until they eventually get the hint that your not kidding and its not a game. I never had to do this because my daughter has been pretty good about staying in bed, but it seems to work when they do it on the show. Hope it helps.

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