How do I get my 9-year old son to clean his room and hang up his clothes?

Cheryl - posted on 12/17/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son very seldom puts things away or hangs up his clothes. When he takes them off, he leaves them on the floor. Everytime I go in his room, I find myself hanging up clothes or putting something away for him.


Kimberly - posted on 12/17/2009




I have a 9 yr old also, and here's something that worked for me. Make sure that the closet rod is low enough for him to reach and walk him through the steps of hanging up clothes. It sounds childish but repitition is always a good thing. You also might try taking him with you to the store and let him pick out colors or themed items like his favorite color hangars or car shaped hooks for coats. Everything needs a definate space. My son also has two teenage sisters (19 and 15) that get on him about leaving his stuff around. There's nothing like a sis (with PMS) to threaten to hang you by your toes over the balcony to make you want to pick up your boxers! lol Plus, don't pick up his stuff for him. I've done this with all my kids. If it doesn't get picked up, it disappears. If it doesn't get thrown in the hamper, it doesn't get washed. They think twice when they only have one outfit left! Might sound kind of harsh, but it works

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