how do i start potty training my daughter at night


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Jennifer - posted on 09/04/2009




We really didn't. Put her in pull-ups. When she went a certain amount of time without wetting them, we called her trained. And she hasn't yet had an accident at night - in ~1 1/2 years at night. And we make it a ritual that she has to go the bathroom prior to a bath or going to bed.

Evelyn - posted on 09/04/2009




Hi Natalie,
Glad you asked the question and got some great replies. I am also thinking of starting nighttime training with my son. He'll be 3 in October and understands the daytime cues, is dry through naptimes, but is a deep sleeper. I am also a part time working mum. Ive heard a lot of people say, routine and consistency help it along faster and making it fun for them and staying positive. I think it will be very hard to do and take a long time to master. I am not looking forward to it but I guess we and others have to deal with the numerous accidents, changing bedsheets, washing sheets before going to work, kids being upset and not wanting to go back to bed etc. and being extremely tired again (like with a newborn). I have read some posts from some mums whose kids are still wet overnight, they could be 6 years old. Then again, it might be other son is 8 years old and I truely can't remember how he learned to stay dry overnight. but he did it somehow! More toddler milestones to come/have achieved like, moving to a big bed, giving up the bottle, counting to 10, eating their vegies! Good luck too!!

Sara - posted on 09/03/2009




Well, I guess I have a few questions first. How old is she? How well does shhe understand her daytime body cues? And how long has she been potty training? Is she diaper free during nap time?

If she is under 3, has a hard time recognizing her daytime body cues, has accidents during naps, and has been potty training for a short amount of time then she may not be ready for night time attempts. Regardless of all of that I would start by buying a fluid proof fitted bed liner to go under her sheets. Don't hold back on water before bedtime, just give plenty of opportunities to go potty, it can easily be added to her bedtime routine. The last thing you want to risk is dehydration, children's stomachs are small they naturally need to drink more frequently. Remember there a million different approaches and every child needs something different. It takes time and a willingness to do way too much laundry. There will be times when she will exceed your expectations and moments of frustration when she will regress. I wish you luck. This is a huge milestone for your daughter and you, it is so rewarding for everyone when it happens!

Lori - posted on 09/03/2009




My son is 4 and we have tried night time training him. We put regular pants on him before bed,no drink after 7,potty break at bed time and when we go to bed. All was to no avail as he is such a deep sleeper he doesn't wake when wet. We put pull ups on him until his brain and bladder are more mature and ready to wake him when he has to go at night. Good luck with training your daughter :) Girls can be easier to train earlier,but not always.

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