How do i stop thumbsucking


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Savannah - posted on 06/04/2009




There isn't much you can do for thumb sucking. I was one and so was one of my friends. They tried tabasco and bandaids all the time. It didn't help. It's a security thing. It took embarassment to make me quit!! I gave my babies pacci's for that reason. lol

Shannon - posted on 06/03/2009




Mavala STOP. I ordered it online for about $7. It is like nail polish you put on the nail. Lasts about a week with one application. Stopped my three thumbsuckers instantly. You have to reapply for several weeks to break the habit and on occasion after that as a reminder. I stopped apply for a long time and eventually they all started sucking again. Once one started, the next ones caught on and started again. Just reapply again to stop the behavior.

Ofelia - posted on 06/03/2009




There are many things you can do to help your child that are recommended and effective. One common treatment is putting a product on your child’s thumb, such as Bitter Apple, or Thum. This will taste bitter when your child puts his or her thumb in the mouth. Sometimes this is not enough and you will want to combine this with some type of reward system for your child, such as a chart or a rewards calendar.Another option for children that continue to suck their thumb is to place gloves or bandages on the thumb. This should not be used as a punishment to your child, but as a reminder that thumb-sucking is a "no-no." Your dentist may be able to help stop the thumb-sucking, too. There are retainers and guards that can be made to fit your child. Many dentists will recommend wearing these devices only when the child has the most problems with thumb-sucking, such as at night or during "down" times when the child may feel bored. These are quite effective in stopping thumb-sucking.

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