how do u cope up hperactive child


Kris - posted on 10/09/2009




when my oldest was little, before he was diagnosed with ADHA. I kept the day pretty simple, mainly keeping him safe and out of things. I have worked since he was 8 weeks old. So I had to make sure he's in the right daycare. One that allowed him to move and play as busy as he was. Since you didn't say what age you're dealing with I'm assuming your child is younger. One daycare he was at didn't allow the kids to play with cars and trucks on the floor, They had the kids play with them seated at the tables. He didn't like that he couldn't move around. When I moved to another day care that played on the floor, he was much happier. Also make sure they play outside daily. He's very creative, so he was always intersted in legos, blocks, and anything that could be moved. So If I needed a few minutes to do dishes etc.He would be OK for a few minutes when playing with legos. When he was a little older, he would sit still, or actually stand and watch videos. I had every disney movie when he was young. He will stand still if there is action to watch. I stayed away from shows like power rangers and wrestling shows. He seemed to want to play power rangers and would be acting out even more. Keep him in sports to wear off energy, Karate teaches lots of self dicipline and helped settle him down on him own. He was in team sports for years football, basketball, baseball, which helps with the sociallizing he's had issues with since he was little. He excelled in individual sports, like track, tennis, swimming. Just to let you know my son has grown to be an exceptional young man. I hope this helps.

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