how do you disapline a 2 year old she gets in to every thing

Christy - posted on 05/30/2010 ( 9 moms have responded )




she gets in to the stove sugar, and take child proof locks off every thing


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Bethanie - posted on 06/03/2010




Someone definitely needs a time out. Find a good spot in your home that will work for you, a time out mat, sitting on the bottom of the stairs, or on a bed(hers or yours) whatever works for you. She needs to learn that there are consequences if she does what she knows she's not supposed to do. My doctor suggested a minute for every year, so, if everything goes well, two minutes for the two year old. I did this with my daughter and it worked very well!

Mandi - posted on 06/02/2010




My daughter will be 2 in July and she sounds a lot like your little is very exhausting to try to stay one step ahead of her and to keep her busy! I usually try to warn her once and then redirect her, the second time she gets a time out, and the third time she gets a spanking. There are sometimes though, when I feel like I have told her enough times and she just has to experience getting hurt or scared and I don't baby her when I've told her "no" either.

I try to have areas that she can play with in rooms throughout my house..for instance, in the kitchen, I have a cabinet with ziploc containers that she can get into as much as she wants. In the bathroom I will let her play with my hair clips or make up brushes. I try to make sure she is supervised almost all the time because she is into so much. We had to change the childproof locks on the cabinets 2-3 times because she got into them anyway. There is a lock on our stove door and I may be getting something to block the stove top because she is now tall enough to reach up there and touch the eyes. My pantry door doesn't shut really well and she often gets into there so I try to keep the boxes down at her level instead of the cans (which I used to keep there). I have gotten most of my safety stuff from Walmart or Target but has a couple things I am going to be ordering (a locked medicine box that will go in my locked cabinet and the stove blocker). Good luck...I am hopeful that this too shall pass!

Rose - posted on 06/02/2010




Keep her busy,busy,busy. At this age they learn by touching, Keep her engaged in learning and there won't be much time left for her to wonder around and get into stuff.They like to feel different textures example:water, shaving cream, beans, rocks, Allow her plenty of time to run outside everyday and explore opening and closing things, buttons, zippers...etc...And yes she is old enough for time out.

Sarah - posted on 06/01/2010




I use a time out chair. I am in that stage too where he likes to push the envelope too.

Rebecca - posted on 05/31/2010




i have a little girl who is very smart and into everything and anything especially the things you would think she couldnt get into.
i definately do the time out thing - try for two minutes since she is two. also i will smack her on her hand and look her in her eyes and in a fearm voice i tell her no and then try to explain it as simply as possible. now sometimes it does take a child to get "hurt" to realise they shouldnt play with something.
my sweet little girl likes to climb on things that she shouldnt. i kept telling her no and saying you're going to get hurt and then i would mover her to the floor. well one day she climbed onto the back of the recliner and i told her to get down and she responded telling me no. i said well if you fall its going to hurt and mommy wont kiss your bobo. a few minutes later she fell and started to cry - she wasnt hurt but scared. she came running to me and climbed into my lap. since then she hasnt climbed on anything except a chair and then she sits right down.

Alison - posted on 05/31/2010




Time for time out. At this stage, there should be consequences. She is probably very curious, but also has found this is an effective attention getter!

Try to keep an eye on her and stop her before she gets in to things. I know it can be hard, but they still need a lot of supervision at this stage!

(My little one is a little busy body too!)

Mogire - posted on 05/30/2010




just try negotiation and divert the attention to something else, my son is on everything but always try telling him the repercussions of everything and try giving him an alternative. works somehow but at this age very active so they will always get something else, I ran up and down till get so exhausted

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