How do you get your teenager to do chores


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Money. Teenagers need money. I would suggest starting the allowance deal. No extra money, but if your kid does all their chore, you'll give allowance once a week.

Kirsten - posted on 05/10/2009




I agree with Alison... when i give my daughter who is 12 a list at the beginning of the week of what is expected each day, she does rather well. The days I need something at that moment is when we get into a power struggle. Teens and pre-teens want to "feel" in control even if they aren't :)

Compromise is a big thing... if not... removing my daughter's cell phone from her head usually gets her moving pretty quickly as well!

User - posted on 05/10/2009





Thats a diffcult one,as they will only do chores if there's somethink in it for thing you could do is if the chores are not done you could stop them from going out,does your teenage have a key to let themselves in,if soo you could take it off them,untill they respect in what you want from them..It worked for my 16yr old,as they soo love the outdoors..hope that help's..

Alison - posted on 05/08/2009




My kids are still little, but I am an 8th grade (13-15 year olds) teacher and I have found that giving clear written instructions at the beginning of the week and a reward when all are done is effective. My students share that it is the "NOW! cause I said so" I what puts them off. They are glad to do the chores cause they know that they need to be done, but they want to do them on their own time schedule. You might talk with your teen and see what they say. Timing is everything to adolescents. When they feel in control and listened to, they respond. When bossed and rushed is when they like to assert their teenage angst. I wish you the best. I hope that my student's were able to help.

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