How do you maintain sternness while showing them you love them?

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Telling your adult kids or even your teenager "NO" is one of the hardest things to do. You want to tell them how much you love them while you are explaining why they can't do what they want to do or why they can't go where they want to go.


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Amanda - posted on 12/30/2009




every child is diffrent and so is every parent when I was growing up my parents were firm believers in the "because I said so" and "do what I say do not what I do" techniques...I said that I wouldn't do that and for the most part I dont I TRY very hard to tell my son who is only 17 mos why he cant do something and just repeat it until he FINALLY learns that no means no. He is very hard headed and sometimes it can go on off and on for hours and on rare occasions even days, it can be hard to stick it out but in the long run my son will be a respectful young man and that will make all the work worth it

Val - posted on 12/30/2009




We as parents have to be parents and not friends. I love all my children. I have a 16 and 10 year old at home. Sometimes telling my 16 yr old no is hard, but as a parent we have to teach them that the world will say no more than I will. Be firm, take a stand, by doing so that's how we show them we love them. Parenting is the hardest job in the world, this is one of the reasons. good luck

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