How early is too early to teach your child to clean?

Teresena - posted on 01/07/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have watched a lot people start their children as soon as the child understand the words pick up or bring that here, to clean. My child on the other is a lot older(7) and blind. It not easy teaching her to clean her room; she tries but we always end up doing the bulk of the cleaning. For my husband and I it is a joy watching her attempt to clean. Other people constantly tell us, "she should be father along";we are great with her growth stages. We feel that she is not growing up to fast, which is great. Our personal feeling on those who are training their children to clean when they barely are walking and talking; they are rearing their child or children too fast. I don't know. What do you think? How early is too early to teach your child to clean?


Jurnee - posted on 01/08/2012




I let my kids help pick up their things when they were young, and as they got older to try to keep their rooms picked up. I would also let them help set the table, etc. I was just taught growing up that if everyone helps out a bit there is more time for fun. Of course my mom had 5 kids and I have 4. At 7 they were really just putting awy the toys they took out, or helping to clear, set the table.

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