How much freedom to you give your 18 year old dependent?

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My eldest child is 18 and away at school. First semester has gone well, but the majority of her free time is spent at DJ clubs dancing and having fun ALL night.

I want her to have fun and I feel confident in the relationship I have with her as far as honesty and trust. I worry, though, I'm not setting firmer boundaries for these early college years...


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Michelle - posted on 01/01/2010




She 18 and as much as it may scare you she's legally grow as a parent we can only advise at this age and pray she listen. Keep the communication line open and continue to give that motherly advice but don't push to hard because you just might push a door closed that would be hard to open again. Show her you have trust in her decisions and she won't disappoint you in the end .

Haley - posted on 01/01/2010




honestly...what can u do. u gotta let them make their own decisions. although strong encouragement is valuable ultimately they will balance themselves out between work and play. if she still does well in her studies, and is playing it safe with relationships etc, then there really is no harm in partying.

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