How old were your kids when you let them drink pop with caffeine in it?

Jennifer - posted on 12/01/2008 ( 4 moms have responded )




I let my 21 month old have some of mine and now she won't leave me alone! I've never let her have more than a few drinks here and there. I know she will be like me and drink a lot of pop, but I just hate to let her start so young. Any thoughts?


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Jennifer - posted on 12/02/2008




Thanks for the comments everyone! I think I better wait a long while before I give in on this one!

Heidi - posted on 12/01/2008




I started giving my daughter pop around Kindergarten. However I would water it down alot and she never knew the difference. Pop is a treat in my house and she does not get alot of it. Aurora usually drinks water and milk. Just keep in mind to setting some limits in regards to drinking pop. Best of luck hope this helps.

Cindy - posted on 12/01/2008




My oldest is five and he still has water, milk and 100% juice. He's had a sip here or there, but for the most part we steer clear of soda altogether.

Patricia - posted on 12/01/2008




My son David started pop with caffeine when he was 10. He's now 13 and refuses decaf pop. My husband tries to get him to drink more water because he weighs 190 now and is 5'4". David has a large frame like his dad. We are members of a weight loss group called Take Off Pounds Sensibly. We're determined to reach our goal weights by June. I refuse to buy him any regular sodas. Now he drinks Minute Maid Apple Juice. It's 100% juice. Check the labels before you buy any juice. Some have corn syrup in it like cranberry juice.

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