How the heck do I just get some time alone???

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I've been working full-time and attending school 3 nights a week for almost 3 months now, and I just need some time to myself.. not to do anything, just for some peace and quiet. How do I get that time alone? Or even maybe just to get my son to calm down and sit and watch a movie with me or something PEACEFUL.. lol.


LeAnna - posted on 09/04/2009




WOW!! I just went through that this week. I needed ALONE time so bad I was about to go crazy. I actually just stayed at work a little later then took my time getting home. I went out to eat ALONE. I just took time to have a few thoughts to myself.


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Anna - posted on 09/07/2009




Put the time in your diary. Either:1. Plan to have quiet time with your kid. Rent a movie, get some popcorn and make it special, or 2. Plan some time without your son (when he's in bed, or let a friend look after him for a couple of hours and you return the favour with their kid the next week).

Looking after yourself is so important - we're no good to the kids if we're exhausted. Good luck!

[deleted account]

My kids are twenty and eighteen now but....I do not remember having any alone time. Could not even lock the bathroom door to tinkle with out a little knock on the door. LOL...Time passes so fast and before you know it you will miss all those hectic days, constant chatter, little knocks on the door and everything else that makes us crazy while we are living it. Hang in there and just love those babies like there is no tomorrow.

Angel - posted on 09/06/2009




get a baby sitter to look after ur lill one for the day so u can have that peace full time that u long for .........

Amy - posted on 09/05/2009




Sometimes you just turn on a movie in the front room for your kid to watch, and then go to your room. It's not the best, but it can give you a half hour to hour of alone time, and if your kid is anything like mine, they get really absorbed in their show. If you have a parent or husband, ask them to watch jr. while you go to the grocery store or the mall, Then you are out on your own (a wonderful, yet unusual feeling) and stuff gets done.

Eva - posted on 09/05/2009




Remember this when they leave for college!!! But seriously, find a reliable babysitter that can come when you are home, and then take a nap, or a bubble bath, or read a book, watch your favorite movie. It may cost you, but kids always do!!!

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When I job switched I missed my golden hour that I was home alone before picking my son up from day care. It's hard juggling it all, so admitting it is a good first step. I take my lunch to work and walk to a near by park along the Hudson River for some quiet time, which really helps. My sister took the kids for an overnight visit last night and it was a great gift! They had a blast with her at the County Fair and I had a yoga and book reading night. Stake some time out for yourself and build up and appreciate and use your support systems. PS When they are potty trained life gets simpler!

Sherri - posted on 09/04/2009




Not a friggin' clue. When you figure this puzzle out, please do let me know...... I need some help in that department myself.... I'm desperate. I may lash out irrationally.

Suzanne - posted on 09/04/2009




I've been there. You need to have someone take your son..even if it's only for 2 hours. Put the school books away, get your son to someones house and take a bubble bath with candles and just relax and take a break!

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Something I have done is schedule a day off at, personal day. Take your son to daycare or to school and make that day yours. Get up that morning like you do everyday get dressed and drop him off. The day is yours. Go home get back in bed, take a hot bath, read a book, shopping. You deserve it!

Shelsea - posted on 09/03/2009




i dont know how old your son is but i baby proofed my sons whole room and set a baby gate in his door way. if hes really into his toys i let him be if not a pop in one of his favorite cartoons. also i got this play yard thing and my son loves it! he never really likes the play pen because it never really gave him enough room for him to act as wild as he wanted (haha) but it was the best investment me and my fiance ever made! you can also buy separate pannels to make it bigger! i would just set it up where he can see me and he can play while i relax and sit online, watch a movie or read a book!

if you want to check it out copy and paste:

Jackie - posted on 09/03/2009




Do you have a partner or anyone that can help out - even a friend with kids, you can take it in turns to have a night off

Crystal - posted on 09/03/2009





I work full time and I am a single mom of a 4 year old boy. We usually have a schedule that we do during the week, which gives me a little "me" time. We have learning time, play time, dinner time, bath time, tv time...which tv time is my time. Put on a movie that yoru child likes and will actually sit there to watch. My son usually watches it in his room but he also likes watching it in the living room with me. Either way, he sits there for the entire movie as I relax. He may still bother me with "i want a snack or Im thirsty" but for the most part, it's some time that I can sit there and have a little me time because let's face it, we are never truly alone now that we are mothers! This is the closes we get.

[deleted account]

bed time, or lock yourself in the bath room with mp3 player with a bubble bath. that is what i do.

Christina - posted on 09/02/2009




if your son is little still you might not get the whole peace & quiet you are looking for unless hes asleep lol. if you want to be able to watch a movie with him pick out something he wants so he will sit & watch it & you can relax together :) i work 2 jobs & have 3 girls 10, 5 & 4 so i understand where your coming from. good luck getting some peace & quiet :)

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