How to cope of going back to work? I start next week after being off of work for 3 months.

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1st time mom and have a step son who just came back into our lives.


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I had 9 months off with my little man and have been back at work for over a year, the first few weeks were horrid as i felt so guilty for leaving him even though i knew he was in great hands i'd still worry, but after a few months it just becomes normal and part of your routine. my one bit of advice is allways try and keep a mobile with you at all times as you then know if there was ever a problem they can get you ASAP. plus your little is intaracting with other children and most proberly loving it. x

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You don't have to leave your kids. I work for a fabulous Direct service company that is built on biblical beliefs. That means their philosophy is First God, then Family then Work!! So, I would love to help you be stay at home moms and also bring in an income. No scams and no obligations. Just information for you and to answer any questions. Email me for info.

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I have been back to work now for 4 weeks and it has been challenging. I am tired and my house isn't has clean has it use to be but I would much rather spend more time with Kaitlin then do laundry! I stressed about it before I went back and it is definitely harder on mom then it is on baby. kaitlin has adjusted very well and once you get into a routine things will fall into place. Don't forget to take some time for yourself even it is only 15 - 30 mins. A happy, healthy mom has a happy and healthy baby.

Good luck, by the way you have a beautiful baby.

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I have to admit, it's not easy but doable.  I have a surprise baby at 40 years old and never expected to have to take advantage of daycare (my oldest daughter is 17 and I was able to stay home during her baby years)...but I LOVE my daycare and they are well aware of the struggle of mommies with babies going back to work.  I cried for a week, then got into a routine.  I realized to be VERY grateful when my daughter was attached to her daycare provider, not jealous, because that meant she was well cared for and loved...and that is the most important thing.  I called every day, which they encouraged, and popped in whenever I wanted...that's critical in a supportive daycare.  Become very friendly with your childcare person/people and they will carry that over to  your child.  Other than that, keep a routine for your own sanity, and your baby will respond well to that too.  Believe me, you're not alone!!!

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For me it wasn't that bad. I am actually glad to get back to a working routine. I was off 10 months and I've been back to work for a month now. I find my day's really fly by and then I'm back home with my little guy. We spend lots of quality time together at night and on the weekends. Bring pics of you're little one to work and place them around you're desk or wherever you work. And if you need the reassurance, give you're little one a call during you're lunch break or morning break etc... As long as you trust the person that they are staying with, you should be just fine. And just think of those Huge smiles you'll get when you've been away for a day!! Just hang in there, the first week or so is the worst, after that it becomes routine!

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It's definitely a challenge. Try to work something out to where you can work a half day the first day or at least go see your baby during lunch. Also- call and check on your baby. Ask them to put the phone up to her hear so you can talk to her. I practically filled my cube up with my son's pictures like wallpaper so that I could stay connected with the reason I was working- to provide the best life possible for my baby boy. So he will have everything he needs.

It is really challenging the first week. Make sure you clear off your schedule in the evenings so you can reconnect with her.


If it's possible for your husband to get her up and take her to daycare in the mornings, see if you can go into work early so you have more of the day to spend with her. Either that or see if you can go in late so you can have the mornings with her. You'll be surprised that by the time you get home and have dinner ready, it's already time for bed!


If you are breastfeeding, get a good quality pump like Medela's Pump-In-Style. I have a picture of my son's smiling face that I look at while I'm pumping so that I can see his sweet little face and imagine him on my breast to stimulate milk production. I also pray that my milk production stays at a level that he needs.


Your baby looks so sweet! Congratulations and good luck!

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