How to deal with swollen feet?


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Marlène - posted on 08/26/2009




There are a lot of strategies to help you overcome this uncomfortable situation. First, try to find a therapist in your surounding who is practicing Manual Lymph Drainage : it's a very soft and hypnotique massage specially design to relieve any swollen part of the body.Reflexologie does wonder too. Then, in you local drugstore or herbal store, ask for dietary supplement to help strengthen your veins. Then, like Samantha said, you can lift you legs and use something cold to relieve the symptoms when there are too strong. And during the day, try to find ways to move like if your working sitted, every hour try to walk a bit or do some exercises with you feet. If you work standing, same goes but with other exercises (look over the net, you'll find plenty of good exercises). And the last advice that comes to my mind is : be careful with your salt and dairy intake. For a while, try to lessen the quantities of salt and dairy in your diet. Take care !

Samantha - posted on 08/26/2009




i found a few things helped. Ice packs & soaking them in an epson salt bath were nice. However the one thing that REALLY helped was making sure that I had a pillow or two under them when I slept. Since I started that, they haven't been nearly as swollen as they were. Make sure that you keep a good balance between circulation and rest too. Too much of either can cause them to swell up.

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