How to discipline for lying?

Brandy - posted on 08/31/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 6 yr old has been lying about petty things for the last few weeks (we do have a 5 month old baby now). First she left her glasses as school and I told her to ask the teacher about them the next day. That next day I picked her up from daycare and she told me they were in her backpack in the case. So I was getting the baby out the carrier and her bag was open I just happen to shake the glass case and nothing! My feelings were so hurt she straight out lied to my face. I asked her about it and she said she forgot. I asked her why she lied and she said because she didn't want to get in trouble (well your in trouble now for lying). So Yesterday she had library so when I picked her up from daycare I asked what books she got from library. She told me she forgot what books she got but she left them at school in her basket as part of her daily five (reading activity). We get home and I'm making dinner go upstairs to tell her to wash her hands and her bag is open hanging on her door. The same books I sent her to school with were still in her backpack. I asked her did they not have Library today and she said she forgot her books in her locker. So yet again she lied straight to my face. I was so very upset. ***Please respect that I am a spanking mom occasionally when needed, if you have a problem with how I choose to discipline that's fine but that's not what I'm here asking so any comments about spanking aren't welcome*** I told her she was getting a spanking for lying. For the previously lie I took away her allowance. I'd like some ideas for how to discipline for lying because I do believe there are other ways to discipline other then just spanking, which I don't believe in doing very often.


Jurnee - posted on 08/31/2011




Its seems that all her lies are about things she "forgot". My youingest "forgot" a lot, and the more I got on him about it, the more he lied, irregardless of threats, taking away privlelages etc. What finally worked was if he forgot something I didnt help him at all. Forget your hw at school? I am not calling a freinds mom for the asignment. Forget your lunchbox? Eat school lunch. Forgetyour jacket? Go without it(its Florida, he wasnt going to freeze. And of course, if there was no hw to do, same rules appllies, hw not done , no tv, games, playing etc. Sit quietly and read. After a few times of him dealing with the consequences of forgetting he became more responsible. I didnt get angry, or show him at least. I told him if he forgets something, theres no reason to lie, I am not going to get angry or punish you for forgetting. Hes 9 now and I still occasionally will catch him in a small lie(he tried to say it was his sister getting urine on the back of the toilet). In this case I made him clean not only the toilet, but the bathroom as well. Hope this helps

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