how to teach alphabets and numbers to my 2 year old son


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Ariana - posted on 02/04/2013




At two he doesn't need to be able to know all the letters of the alphabet or numbers but you should definitely expose him to it. For numbers it's actually more important to make sure he can count to ten and possibly count things rather than recognizing the actual numbers.

If you have stairs counting each step up to ten is a great way to incorporate counting into an every day activity. Give him snacks like crackers and count each one, look at these crackers, you've got 1..2..3..4 Four crackers! That type of thing.

For letters get some alphabet books, when you're reading point out some of the letters in the title (don't do this for every book or it will be annoying). Write his name out and try to get him used to the letters of his name. When my son was 2 I used to draw him a picture that had one of the letters of the alphabet, a number, and a shape (and usually some other picture of something that began with the letter). I would draw the thing in front of him, Istarted with D because he loved diggers and would draw him a digger. I usually showed it to him before breakfast while it was being made (he ate oatmeal so he had a few minutes before it was ready) but you could show it to him at any time when he's willing to sit for a little bit.

At this age it's mostly about exposing him to letters and numbers, it isn't super important that he actually memorizes all the letters. I would try to teach him the letters of his name individually. So if his names "joe" try to get him to recognize o e j. I only say it isn't super important because not all kids are able to recognize all of them at the age of 2 it can be quite difficult. Just work on it.

Oh I also had an alphabet puzzle when my son was little and we would put the little pegs into the spot and I would ask him what's this letter? Or that's letter R etc. You could get flash cards too (if you do that only make him do it when he wants to and only work on maybe 3 letters at a time so he doesn't get overwhelmed, if he says he doesn't want to do it anymore stop, you should always try to make it fun).

Good luck!

Gladys - posted on 02/04/2013




For alphabet you can try to put pictures for each letter. If he can identify the names then it will assist him. I have tried this to my son and worked even though he cane not speak perfectly

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