how too balance being a single mother,school,kids,housework,spending quailty time with family

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I am 23 years old my name is Connie and i became a mother at 16 years old and i was confused at that time i understood how too be a mother but i really didnt have guidance at that time and i wanted too be a chid still but i knew in my heart i needed to grow up quickly so i did but i was still the funny crazy person that i have always been...everybody was suprise that i was a mother but it was so awesome to be called mommy and then my senior year i became pregnant but this was from someone else that meet me when i was pregnant with my first son and he took me in and after that i felt comfort and loved with this person i felt he was the one and then we had our first son together and i graduated pregnant with my second son understanding that it wasnt easy but i was ready too take full responsiabilty with becoming a teen mother of two. Then after graduating i started too work because i needed to provide for the kids and also the father of my son started working and it was rough but still manage to be a great mother, Then two months in my job at 19 years old i becaome pregnant with my third son
it was tough because me and father were having hard times he was cheating on me for the longest time and he was abusing me and was very jealous never told anyone until i broke free and i changed my life for me i always had a great smile and was always happy with my family and friends and no one knew my true feeling inside until i broke down and expressions all my bottled emotions and i am so much better as a mother and father to my boys and 2 yrs ago i started school and finished got my degree and now im getting so many doors opening for me and being single and being a loving mother and balance everything is much better and also all the pain that has happen too me has made me the person i am today my boys hero and god has made me a woman of faith he has forgaven me and cleanse me with his glory


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Cheryl - posted on 08/16/2010




Wow, Connie you have been through a lot! and praise the Lord you are in Him and can find strength to be all you need to be for your children! In your case I would say it is very hard to do everything, so don't feel guilty, just do the best you can, get help from willing family members and try to get some good male role models in your boys lives through your extended family and church perhaps..Try to take a bubble bath once in a while and relax.. listen to music... pace yourself, don't take on anything extra that you don't have to( another mom can make the class cupcakes, LOL) and just trim all unnecessary things from your schedule..also try to get whatever big chores done early in the weekend so you can enjoy the rest of it without stressing about all you are not getting done, LOL hang in there!!

Deborah - posted on 08/16/2010




this is awesome, your story was just like my, i was saying to myself wow-she sounds like me, God is good, i am so proud of you and i do not even know you, but that does not even matter, i am just happy-hey are you local-if you were, i am doing a before and after pictures of professional women and there business cards -oh yes i am a marykay consultant-check us, this allows me time to run my daycare, church and family time-hope to hear from you, and your accomplishment

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