Hving trouble getting them to bed after a day with Granma!!!

Alicia - posted on 01/28/2009 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 15 month is sent to various family members while I work. The only one we have any problems with is His mum as she never puts him down for a sleep. When I pick him up he is so over tired that he has a really late sleep then I cant get him down for bed. We end up fighting each other until after 10. This happens every week without fail.

Anything from anyone will help!!!


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Kristin - posted on 02/01/2009




I would bring him to daycare for that one day (if possible), not only so he would get his day-sleep, also he would have time to play with other children. If that's not an option, talk to here, over and over again. My son took a late sleep going to school (no sleeping time there) and couldn't sleep later. I ended up keeping him awake for 2 hours, saw to it that he ate someting and then he would fall a sleep at 6.30 pm untill 6.30 am. Still hope you can talk to her

Vicki - posted on 01/28/2009




I kind of went through this with my mom. I get home late from work (8pm) and you would hope that she would have them in their p.j.'s and settled down but they would be running around the house all hyped up on sugar, nowhere ready to go to bed. After an evening that I cried myself to sleep due to the guilt of being away from my kids and yelling at them the only hour that I had with them that day I did try explaining to my mom that it was very hard on me to have to come home and be the mean one and have to put my foot down to get them to bed. She wasn't very understanding, she was always a stay at home mom with no schedule to keep. I don't have any definate advice, I just wanted to share and let you know we all have these problems with our moms. I wonder if using the reverse psychology would work? Maybe try talking to your mom and say that you are having a real problem getting him to bed after her care. Let her come up with the answer. I think parents hate us telling them how to raise our kids.

My mom doesn't babysit anymore, she was too busy. I think it worked out better for us, we need schedules for our children and routine really helps when they begin school.

Let me know how it's going, it's really hard dealing with all the people you love so much and trying to get it to work out

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