I am currently working part-time but I am considering a full-time position. Does anyone have any suggestions to help the kids with the transition?


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I appreciate the other moms' remarks. I try to tell people to do what they can to stay with their kids more, because, let's face it - MOM is kind of an important thing in a child's life. My sister has two little ones (2 and 4) and decided to go back to work. Within a month or two, she regretted it and wished she had her kids back. She had been going nuts, wanting to get out of the house, etc., and once she had a taste of being gone all day, she changed her mind. She was lucky, because her boss was REAL flexible. She set her own hours, and recently she quit altogether. If you can help it, wait.

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I also work part time with my partner looking after our 9 month old while im at work. Last week he had no work and i took on full time hours at my job to make up for it. it was only one week but i really felt it, and the loss of time with my daughter really got me down! Working full time is good, but i personally think its best to go full time once the kids are older. I know i will be staying part time till then!

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Love Rita's reply. But wanted to add... ask yourself why you're considering this now, if maybe waiting a few more years after the kids are older you could go to the full-time position. Just have to weigh in... is the extra money worth the sacrifice?

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Ha! Don't do it! : ) Just kidding. I'm in the same boat - working part time and they're asking me to do more. I want to give my all, because I know they need me, but I want that time with my kids. That's just me.

If you do decide to go full-time, I would ask what the childcare arrangement is. I mean, if they're already at a facility and will just be there longer, then it's not such a big deal. For me, right now my husband takes over while I'm at work for 4 hours, and full-time would mean a whole new experience for them. How old are they? Older kids can understand a simple explanation - 3 and up, I'd say. "Mommy is going to work a little longer today, so usually I come pick you up at lunch time, but today you'll get to stay and play longer. You'll eat lunch, then play, have snack time, and watch Barney, and then I'll be there." That kind of thing.

Give them something to watch for, a sign that means "Mommy will be here soon." A written (or picture) schedule even, so they know what's next. My boys can't stand it when they don't know what we're doing that day. It's empty and vague and already frustrating. It took me a while to figure it out. If they have goals, if you will, then they get a sense of accomplishment and time-passing and it's much more bearable. Sorry I write so much. Good luck.

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