I am in a bit of a pickle, I have an almost 3 month old baby. My 1st week back to work, my boss is sending me to LA for 3 days and two nights. I am still breast feeding. I am very nervous and anxious to leave my little one. My husband is very capable of managing so I am not worried that. In addition, I have another 7 year old daughter. My boss signed me up for this training knowing about my situation. Any suggestions from working moms on how I handle my boss first of all and then how to travel without baby but still without quitting breast feeding. I feel like I can't say no because I am afraid to lose my job because of the economy but then I feel like a terrible mother. Any advise?!!!


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Ellen - posted on 02/26/2009




I had a friend in this predicament. Her husband took 3 days off of work and they turned it into a family vacation so that she could continue to breast feed. He would take the kids to some of the local attractions while she was at training, and they would be together at night to do what ever. A 7yo can miss school since their not batling credits and finals. Just an option.

Nancy - posted on 02/26/2009




Bi Belinda,

I understand how you feel, it's hard when you need to keep your job and juggle taking care of your infant as well. I would suggest pumping plenty of bottles then freezing them for a 3 day supply. Also I would suggest pumping while you are away so you keep you ,ilk supply coming. As far as your boss, he doesn't seem very flexible, Have you tried talking to him and asking him if there is anyway you can just make thhe next training program? I mean is is mandatory if you miss it? He should understand that your first week back is stressful enough, but then having to travel on top of that is crazy. Sometimes you have to speak up, most employers realize that although our job is important it is not our whole life,

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