I can't cope with my son crying all the time,

Chantelize - posted on 03/11/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




He cries all the time, I have tried everything, gave him something to eat, he throw me with it, pick him up he throw him out of my arms, gave him stillpain, after all put him in his room, thinking it is being nasty, gave a hiding, nothing works, I can't can't cope with this anymore


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Tina - posted on 03/11/2010




I know i've been there many times, I have three girls and they have charactors ....I mean big ones......What have to do is calm yourself first (if his behavoir has stressed you out), then pick him up or look at him in the eyes to get his attention then ask him what is wrong, what does he want, tell him to tell you in words b/c you don't understand crying.

What it is .... is that he is fustrated and he is used of crying to get what he wants......like babies do when there is something wrong, but you have to remind him that he can talk and it is important to use words and be calm about it.

Melissa - posted on 03/11/2010




When my son was younger, less than 6 months, two things calmed him down. One, going outside, fresh air really helps, even if it is cold out. And two, hair drier then pacifier. Hope this helps. And like Sooz said, call someone when you think you need a break. It can be tough listening to them cry. It is much easier to calm a baby if you are calm. So if you can't get him to stop crying, lay him in his crib, walk away, shut the door. Let him cry while you try to calm yourself down, give yourself ten minutes, take a shower or something, then go back in there and try again. I hope things get better for you, it is a hard situation.

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OK - it's ok. Take a very deep breath - several actually. If you have some you can call to come over - call them now tell them you need a break. When they get there go take a shower or leave the house whatever for a little while. I know a little bit of what you are going through - my son went through that for about 2 mos until we figured out he was allergic to milk. Not saying this is your son's problem but have you taken him to the Dr if not make your appointment now? Have you changed his formula or added anything new to his diet? How long has this been going on? It's very very hard to be alone with a baby who cries all the time and it's easy to get frustrated and yes you feel guilty for putting him in his room but as long as he is safe it is ok. I also want you to call your Dr and see if you possibly are going through post partum depression. I know what that's like too and that is also OK. We'll get it figured out - you are not alone here.

Marcy - posted on 03/11/2010




How old is he and have you taken him to the doctor? He may have an ear infection or some other issue that is causing this. Even if the doctor has examined him and notning is wrong it sounds to me like you need some professional assistance in figuring this out. Sure, kids go through stages but if its all the time than something isn't right.

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