i don't feel like work is supporting me

Mel - posted on 08/21/2009 ( 4 moms have responded )




i handed in my matb1 form straight after my 24 week appointment.

im now 27+4 and had my work meeting 2 days ago.

with it being my first baby i have no idea what is involved in the meeting.

first the manager asked me when i wanted to take my leave from...

i said 3 weeks before baby is born. she said no everyone normally leaves 5 weeks before baby is born ( i don't want to take that long before baby is born on mat leave but was planning 1 week holiday before hand) so i said that and she returned with how many holidays do you have remaining.... 10 days... well we will book them in before your mat leave that will be fine..... writen down on paper before i could object any more.

2nd)) how long do you want to take

i understand you can take a year but can only get paid for 9 months and i cant afford 3 months without any pay!! like anyone normal currently

but i would like to take a bit extra than 9 months by about 3 weeks

"NO" its either 9 months or 1 year thers no inbetween

and then i was inquiring about staggering my return so that for 3 weeks i could come back for 3 days then next week 4 days then back to my full working week on the 3rd week

nope.... once im back im back thats it and if i want to have a few extra weeks on top of 9 months i have to book holidays while im on my leave for the end of my leave!!! (as we can't book them in yet)

then we got onto the risk assesment..... whcih i should have had when i told them i was pregnant

and definatly should have had after i nearly had a miscarriage while at work n had to get rushed to hospital!

i stated that i no longer felt my job was going to be possible for me to continue much longer

1) i got to go in chillers (food chillers that are under 5'C) and my boobs have started lactating now and get very sore very quickly when im in there... also my stomach seems to go hard and its so cold now im sure its getting colder

and ive been told that i shouldnt be going in there by anyone who has been pregnant

2)) my job requires for me to be on my feet n walking for about 4 hours a night

ive got the braxton hicks now which get worse while walking leaving me breathless n slowing me down alot

im also waddling (like a duck) as i think baby is laying right across my belly pushing my hips apart

and 3)) my job involves stretching to the top shelf n bending to the bottom shelf to check dates on the food also right next to the chillers

i have a big bean bag on my stomach that i very hard to bend

im getting a bad back and i go light headed while im stretching!!!

when asked which job would be more appropraite for me i dont have a clue how do u know unless you do it

i got reminded pregnancy was not an illness n most women can continue there job up till they drop

so the meeting got suspended until i can think of a job that i would feel comfortable in (since the 2 i suggested got turned down)

i feel like im a burden to my work although they inploy over 400 staff there and currently have at least 10 women who are pregnant n another 10 who are on maternity leave

many work mates sugggested going on sick after my leave as i would get full pay-minus 3 days amny just suggest i dnt come bck but i cant afford that and sickness goes on paremant records

any suggestions


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Helen - posted on 08/21/2009




also in the uk. Once you hit 28 weeks any sick leave you take will be counted as you having started your maternity leave!! so don't go sick until you have to. Unfortunatly it is upto your employers if they let you make a staggered return to work but they are only obliged to uphold your contract as it is ( no changes) I only had to give 21 days notice to return to work but that may only be in teaching. It sounds unfair but don't make to much of a fuss if you find things more difficult as they may consider you "to ill to work" and make you start your maturnity leave early.

Nuttaa - posted on 08/21/2009




In my country, we only have 3 months maternity leave.
Try to negotiate what you can, but the bottom line is that you can't continue the job you're doing. It's high risk for your and the baby's health. If talking doesn't work, start your leave now sounds better than continuing with that job. Then you have a lot of time to think about what to do next. Going back to work after your baby is six months old is not bad though. You'll get to do the breastfeeding for the whole six months which is the time the baby needs most. Good luck!

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hi you can take 9 months paid and the rest unpaid you can go back any time you like i have to give my company 8 weeks notice though and as for when you want to leave thats up to you i left 8 weeks before i used up my 5 weeks holiday first then started mat leave 3 weeks b4 u just gotta think if you are uncomfortable now how you gonna feel when your nearly due.

Amanda - posted on 08/21/2009




What kind of company do you work for? Do you have a Union? Does your supervisor have a supervisor that would listen to your concerns? Also, It would be a good idea to check out labor laws which you can do by checking with your local department of labor. I would simply let your employer know that you do not feel you have been treated appropriately and that you don't feel that this process has been explained to you so that you can understand it. I would let HR know about these and I would file a grievance against whoever was treating you poorly. Also, remember that your pregnancy, the birth, and your first few months with your baby should be a less stressful time for you and you should be able to enjoy this without worrying about work issues. Depending on what state you live in, you could only be getting three months of unpaid maternity leave, so I would be grateful for the nine months paid. and trust me, by the time you get around to the ninth month you will be ready to go back to work and if you are not. collect your last check and quit. or while you are on maternity leave start looking for a new job or educational opportunities. there are always options out there but you have to speak up and let your needs be known or any employer(or anyone else) will walk all over you. keep your head up and when you get on maternity and have decided to stay with this company, put all the work stuff out of your mind and focus on yourself, your baby, and this new life you are starting.

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