I have anxiety about how I am going to manage my life.

Jaricka - posted on 04/13/2010 ( 6 moms have responded )




I will be starting full-time school this month, while continuing my part-time job on the side. The positive thing about my job is I can work whenever I want as long as I get my hours in. I don't know how I will have time to do well in school, which includes: having time to do homework, attending class, and studying for tests. I will have inexpensive childcare on campus. I also have to make time for work. and MOST IMPORTANT be a great mom to my daughter, who is 1. My mother was going to school full-time and working full-time and tried to have a personal life. I felt like I barely had time with her. She died when I was 11 and ever since then I told myself I would never do the same. I have this great urge to continue my education even though I have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom. Another problem I am arguing with in my head is my fiance with want children of his own before he is 30. We are not really talking about it and especially not arguing about it. I like to analyze everything before making a decision. Most say I think too much! So my dilemma is managing my life and making time for everything. How have some of you amazing mom's done it? How many children do you have? Are there any suggestions you may give me?


Melody - posted on 04/14/2010




I am a single mom to one child and trying to jugle school, work, spending time with my baby and having a social life is really hard. What I did in regards to school was on line classes. I am not sure if what you are studying you can do online but you should look into that. I do not think you are thinking too much, having a baby is not an easy thing and if you want to further your education having another kid will only interrupt that. If you are not ready to have another kid explain that to your fiance and he should understand. Know that everything you do is for the advancement of you and your family. Weigh all things out before making a decision. There are going to have to be sacrifices made but just be sure you can live with the ones you make.


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Brandy - posted on 04/14/2010




hello Jaricka,
my name is Brandy Carroll i am 24yrs old and i have 2 children my daughter is 4 and my son is 2 i also own my own business. Life is certainly never boring with all the things i have in my life but it is worth it. I always write a schedule for myself at the beginning of each week that lists atleast 5 things that i want to do for myself and with my children then i arrange my housework and business around that. It is soooo much easier to have free time now that i own Passion Parties by Brandy Carroll and it is sooo simple and very rewarding so just decide on a few things that you want to do and then add them into what HAS to be done if you can do it all enjoy what you can do.

Amanda - posted on 04/14/2010




I am a mom of four and work 45 hours a week I have a daughter that is almost 12 she is very involved in all school activities she is a straight a student. I have another daughter that is 7 and extremely shy, I have a hard time dealing with this. My son 6 and he is very active in wrestling there is tournaments every sat. My other daughter is almost 3 and still not potty trained. My day starts at 4 or 5 every morning and doesn't end until all the kids are showered and their clothes are ready for the next day. So my weeks are filled more than sometimes I can handle. The two things that help me get through the days are "God doesn't give you anything you can not handle" the other thing is a good cry to help me think clearly. I am not the best mom out there but I take one day at a time and what doesn't get done today will still be there tomorrow. You just need to relax and and school is very important so I think you need to stick with it and finish before your child gets bigger. Your baby is still young enough to know you love her no matter how much time you spend with her. Worrying does not get you any where and it makes you get older faster. So hang in there!!!!!

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I have 3 part time jobs and one 3 1/2 year old boy. First off, my hubby is a huge help. I boss him around and he does what I say. Okay, maybe that sounded obnoxious but basically I tell him what needs to get done and he does it. We tried the whole "Why can't you figure out that the laundry needs to be folded and the trash needs to go out" thing for years and for some reason, his brain is just not wired that way...but, that is a whole other story.

Here is what I do to try and maintain a level of sanity. Make lists. Every Friday night I sit down and I make a list of everything I have to get done during the upcoming weekend and also the following week. I limit our social functions on the weekends to 1 day or night per weekend. So if we have plans on Saturday with friends to go to the beach, that's it. I know my Sunday will be a free day. I go grocery shopping 1 day per week and I buy lots of semi made foods (frozen meatballs, pre packaged salads, etc.) Cook once, eat twice....make your meals bigger so you have leftovers for lunch the next day or dinner the following night.

During bath time I clean the bathroom with those handy wipes or fold a load of laundry. We have quiet time in our house from 7:30 until 8:30 every night. We sit on the sofa and read or do puzzles. Once my son is in bed, I typically try and get more laundry done or I work from home for an hour or when all else fails, I take a bath, read a book and have a glass of wine. I come from a household with an Obsessive Compulsive mom. She used to line our toys up and our beds had to be perfectly made. its taken me years to realize that as long as my bed was made, there were no dishes in the sink and my son was happy that was all that mattered. You will figure it out just don't get yourself in to a bind by trying to do it all. We all juggle lots of balls on a daily basis. I used to think it was crucial that all of them remained in the air at all times. Now, if one or two fall to the ground I am okay with it. Oh yeah. don't forget to not volunteer yourself for everything....much luck to you.

Teresa - posted on 04/13/2010




Good for you for considering school with a child. I had my first child 2 wks before school started. I brought him into classes with me so i can breastfeed until he was 7 wks old. Then i too had him in daycare on campus. Best decision ever!! I was able to spend my time with him in the daycare in between classes so i could still breastfeed and get some time in during the day and i knew he was safe and being cared for properly. He also benefit in the daycare in that he was in a learning environment and not just a sitter. I strongly feel that you should continue with your full time studies now. Schooling is very short period in your life that will in the long term benefit you and your whole family!!! And with my experience it is easier to do it when the kids are young. When they are older they are more demanding and if you plan to have more children then your time is limited.

You need to get into a routine. A routine that involves your child and husband, schooling and work. After classes i would be home with the family and we would have family time. My child always came first for me, so it was very important that i was organized and planned ahead. When he was in bed that is when homework, extra reading would come in. It will get easier the more routine like your life gets. If your husband is able to help out with housework, meals, taking the child for a walk so you can read or study for an hour or two, that would also benefit your sanity!!

Get an agenda and plan your days right down to the hour. YOu don't need to stick with it, but at least you can say this day at that time i will read a chapter or work at my job or family time.

It will be a challenge, but the benefits will overcome all, you will see ;)

Good luck with all of it!!

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Ok, there's a lot of stuff here. Your friends are right, you do think too much. Here are my thoughts:

If your intention was to be present for your daughter, full-time school and a part-time job doesn't seem like the right thing to do. Is the school thing really worth it? Could you push it back a few years? Do you really have to work while you are in school? Could you just work during the summer?

Know that there is usually not a right and wrong answer in life, it all comes down to your priorities. When you are 60 years old, will you regret not pursuing your career? Will you regret putting it off for a few years? Will you regret not having spent enough time with your daughter before she became a teenager and started pushing you away?

You need to make a decision about what is really important to YOU. Once you feel good about that decision, you can find a way to make everything happen. If there is one lesson I have learned since being a mom, it is not to worry about tomorrow. Take it one day at a time and even one step at a time.

Good luck to you!

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