I have been back at work for 1 month and I still miss my little boy during the day so much.


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Karen - posted on 10/15/2012




Thanks Sandra, you are so right! What you have suggested is such an awesome way of approaching the fact that I miss him so much. I will cherish him and let him know how much it means to me to see him and how much he means to me each day when I get home. Thank you for redirecting my focus :-)

Sandra - posted on 10/12/2012




All the Moms are right..it does get better and here is something to look forward to...at the end of the day when you see your little one, lethim know how much you missed him! Even if that is not by words...but lighting up...like seeing him is giving you breath! I light up like a Christmas Tree everyday when I pick up my daughter from daycare. It has always been my favourite time of the day...so don't dwell on the Negative...the missing,,,start thinking about the "positive" the reunion that you get to have every single day...

Just another way to look at it..that will bring you joy and peace.

Love & Light 2 U

Karen - posted on 10/12/2012




Thanks Chalita, think I'm going to miss little Matt for the same length of time. It's difficult to leave him, he is such a happy little guy, love hearing him laugh and seeing him smile. One comforting aspect is that he has a great nanny who is super with him.

Thanks for the feedback Chalita.

Chalita - posted on 10/11/2012





That is normal. It does get easier as time goes on. I missed my kids for a whole year but I knew that I had to work in order to provide for us. Hang in there, it will get better for you.

Karen - posted on 10/11/2012




Thanks Amy. Same here, staying at home is not an option and there are also days when I am so grateful to have a nanny for our little guy because he is SO busy. We will get through it. Thanks for the reply.

Amy - posted on 10/10/2012




It will get a little easier each day but I can't say that you're ever going to be comfortable with it. I miss my kids terribly 2 and 6 some days, but then there are other days I can't wait to get out of the house. I have to work, staying home is not an option so I understand some of how you feel. I wish I had some great words of encouragement but I don't, just know that you aren't alone in how you feel.

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