I have just moved my 2 year old into his big bed as he had started to climb out of his cot. He is very excited to be in the new bed but we just cant keep him in! He keep's getting out??? Any surgestions???? He is so persistent!


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Rebecca - posted on 01/06/2009




I think all of the suggestions mentioned so far are good. The only thing I would add was something my mom (mother of 6) suggested when I had to move my son out of his crib (at age almost 2) and he kept getting up: set yourself up with a chair, could be just a dining room chair, just outside of his room, and bring along a book for yourself. Like someone else suggested, don't talk to him (after you put him to bed, obviously) or argue with him, but EVERY TIME he gets out of the room, calmly put your book down, gently walk him back to his bed, and return to your chair and book.

My experience with this was that the first night was awful - I think I had to walk him back to his bed over 20 times before he finally went to sleep. The next night it was a little less, and by the end of the week he got it (with the exception of a couple of minor blips the second week), then the chair went back to the dining room, and it's been smooth sailing ever since (he's now 7 and a half).

The book and chair are apparently important in giving him the message that you can stay there all night if needed - you're just hanging out, reading, with nothing better to do. Stay unflappable.

Good luck!

Rena - posted on 01/05/2009




Both of my boys were just under 2 when I moved them into their big boy beds. I had a set routine that started about an hour before their actual bedtime. This way they always knew what to expect and they got on a routine. Eventually, they get very comfortable with this routine and it just becomes part of their day and they adjust. The key is consistency. If he gets out, put him back, no matter how many times you must not give in to him. Even through crying or what not. If you cave just one time, then you go right back to square one. It may seem like hell for a week or so but if you stick to your guns and do not give in they he will learn and adjust and know what is expected of him. Good luck

Terri - posted on 01/04/2009




A strategy that truly works is setting up a routine that you will go through every night with your 2 year old every night. Before you even bring him to his room, give him warning ahead of time that it will be bedtime. You can say something like: "Soon it will be time for sleep.."

Children like to know what is coming next in a routine, and over time, they will come to depend on and feel safe within this structure. Establish something that you and your child will do each night that will lead up to eventually going to bed.

Make sure that what you do is something quiet so that he is not worked up. My suggestion: Read a bedtime story. This is not only a great bonding experience for the two of you, but it will also builds on your child's language skills.

With my son, we read a story, then he says his prayers. Then I give him 3 kisses and a big hug, I tuck him in, and say: Goodnight, see you in the morning, I love you... and he goes to bed.

Don't be hard on yourself though Merridy. Bedtime routines are things that take lots of time and lots of patience on your part! :) As Tammy said, just keep putting your son back into bed. It's important to let your child know that staying up is not an option.

Something that I've done with my son is to "help" him control his body is as follows. He went through a time when he hit, and time outs and reasoning didn't work. I would say: "if you can't control your body, then I will help you. Do you need my help?" and of course the first time (as well as sometimes other times), he would dig his heels in and not comply. So I would sit him on my lap and hold his body still. My son hated this, as I'm sure anyone would, but he understood that if he was unable to control himself, then I would help him. This was effective because he knew that there was a limit to how far he would be allowed to take certain behaviours, and that when he needed help, I would step in.

Good luck Merridy! Let us know how it turns out! ;)

Tammy - posted on 01/04/2009




When I did the switch with my daughter, she was about 1 1/2 and all I could do was keep putting her back in bed. I didn't talk, smile or even look at her. I took about a week of BAD bedtimes but then she finally picked up on it. :) At that age they are to young to understand bribes or reasoning really, but I think it's easier for them to adjust to the new bed

I'm just about to change my twin boys into their big boy beds.......But I'm affraid they won't come out of their rooms they will just play in there, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

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