I'm 31, with two beautiful daughters, and I'm a working mom with a very demanding career. After the birth of my second daughter, we (as in I) decided that we were not having any more children. But lately, I've been thinking (alot) about having a 3rd! I think that's because my sis and girlfriends are all due to have babies soon...I'm contemplating a family puppy instead. Thoughts??


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Kris - posted on 12/02/2008




I have baby fever bad! I have two boys and want to try for that girl. They will be 2 & 4 in March. I already have a dog and know I don't want another for quite some time. For me, I am hoping that my husband will be okay with just one more. But I would like to wait until next year sometime during the summer to start trying. We will see.

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Cindy - posted on 12/02/2008




Get a puppy ! Although you are still young enough to have a great pregnancy... do you really want another child ? I am 33, Pregnant with my 2nd and will be done after this one. The pregnancy gets harder as you get older in my opinion.. but you do what you and your husband want. Try getting up at 1am, 4 am and 7 am... remember that schedule ? Might change your mind :P

Jamie - posted on 12/01/2008




We (I) decided not to have anymore after just one. She is now eight, last year she kept asking for a baby brother for christmas. I was at first, like no way. Then my husband and I started talking and really thinking that maybe we wanted to have another one. It would have a lot cause he is fixed.

The more we talked the more I was really thinking that I did want too. Then we had a really bad day with my daughter and I was like, nope I just can't do it. We also had a dog, she passed away and I said we aren't going to get another one. This past week we helped out some friends and watched there puppy of 8 months and I can say that they are as much if not more work then a baby.

So I guess what I am trying to say is babysit or puppysit before you make the choice.

Miranda - posted on 11/30/2008




I think that we all feel this way at some point...especially as our "babies" aren't really babies anymore!! Go to your friends houses and enjoy their's, then remember you can leave and don't have to do the middle of the night feedings and all of the not so fun baby things!!!

Courtney - posted on 11/30/2008




your not the only one feeling this way.....it is baby season at the moment it seems that its in the water these days but maybe you should talk it over with your man and see how he feels about it? but you are probably just clucky becasue so many people are having babies think it over for a while and wait until your friends have their babies and do some babysitting and if you still want to have a baby try again but if you realise that you dont want another baby just yet then you should try with a puppy.

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