I need a babysitter and I am having a hard time trusting anyone by my family. What should I look for in a babysitter and what important answers should I find out before I leave my son with them?


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Tiffani - posted on 02/04/2009




I have a preference towards looking for a sitter who's had children of her own. An adult versus a teenager is also another preference I have. There's a few things that are on my "pros" list. I look for an adult who gives me a comfortable feeling -- always go with your gut! I also look for an adult who has a vehicle (in case there's a need to get my child or children medical attention...anything could happen during playtime), who has training in CPR and first aid, who has characterisitics that I possess and who is hands on. We have a family friend who babysits for me during the daytime when it's just my youngest. This same family friend also supervises play groups that my kids have and do attend. (Another great resource -- playgroups!)

I would try to network and find someone that is known through a mutual friend or family member. I think this is just as equally good as having someone give you references (not another bad idea).

I also do trial runs with a new sitter. I have back up sitters that I call on if our family friend isn't available. I will usually leave my kids with a new sitter for 2 hours or so and give the sitter and my kids a chance to evaluate each other. I'll go and run errands and stay in town for these few hours and then come back home. I also interview my kids to ask how things went, what they thought of the sitter, etc. If it all goes well, I try another outing for a bit longer and see how the second stay works.

If you sense anything out of the ordinary or have a "funny feeling", go with that instinct -- there's a reason why us moms have them! Good luck. :)

Kari - posted on 02/04/2009




Most of the questions i was always asked in a babysitting interview were:

-Do i know child CPR?

-Have i cared for a child of that particular childs age before?

-How long have i been babysitting?

-How many children at one time have i cared for?

-Have i ever been in an emergency situation with a child? If so, how did i handle it?


Just ask things that you feel you would want to know. I always brought at LEAST 3 ref. with me and they were always checked out. If you are a little uncomfortable leaving your son with someone, set up a mini nanny cam in a teddy bear or some where un-seen.

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