I need tips on how to loose this baby weight faster!

Rachel - posted on 10/28/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




I still have a hunk of chunk on my mid section and I can't stand to look at it. I've thined out a little bit and I know that I won't be as small as I once was but I'd like to see my flat tummy again! I'm looking for ways to get rid of the buldge with out working out 24/7 or starving my self to death! Got any suggestions?


Sylvia - posted on 10/28/2009




How many months postpartum are you? I've read in a bunch of places that you can't take it off faster than you put it on -- you should expect to take at least 9 months to lose the weight you gained in 9 months of pregnancy.

That said, I gained 35 lb with my daughter and by the time she was a year old I'd lost 50 lb. What I did was (a) nursed all day and night for the whole year (DD was really not into solid foods until she was past a year old); (b) did a ton of weight-bearing exercise (in the form of carrying or "wearing" the baby everywhere, since she hated the stroller with a burning white-hot passion and wanted to be held 24/7); and (c) walked a lot (I spaced out the errands so I'd have a good reason to get out of the apartment every single day, because otherwise I was going to go stir-crazy). Once she was about 9-10 months and stopped loathing the stroller, we walked about 3 km every day with the stroller. I also took a postpartum fitness/aerobics class once a week for a few months, starting when the baby was about ... maybe 2 months old (can't remember exactly), but that was more for fun and company than actual exercise.

I didn't even try to diet -- I mean, I did try not to eat junk food, and to drink lots of water, but mostly I just ate what I wanted, when I wanted, since I was burning so many calories making milk. I think I probably did eat better than I had before, though, since I was on mat leave for 13 months so I had more time to cook and more time to browse around the local shops looking for interesting produce.


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Jenny - posted on 10/31/2009




I feel your pain! I've reached a point where the weight has stopped coming off and all I want to do is lose 10 more pounds. No matter how much I work out and eat less, it's not coming off! I try not to starve myself and eat healthy foods. I have found that Special K has good flavored water and protein shakes. I have found myself not drinking much water, so this motivates me to stay hydrated and reduce the chance of me snaking in the afternoon if I drink 16oz. The protein shakes have been good when you have a crying baby and no time to eat.

Zakeana - posted on 10/30/2009




Well Rachel, i'm sure you know that there are many questions here...

Are you trying to get back to your pre pregnancy weight? Even though i have managed to get there (in only 13 months) my body SHAPE has changed and while my tummy is flat(ish) there is still this weird "muffin top" sort of flop to it!

Your age may have something to do with the speed with which you can lose the weight, as your metabolism changes with age...sux but its true...

What you put INTO your body - my last 10 lbs came off super fast when i stopped eating a bag of chips with my husband every other night!! Eat regular healthy meals and snacks to keep from binging on easy fatty snacks. I found it really hard to eat regularly - i'd find myself ravenous at 4 pm after realising that i hadn't eaten all day - then i'd grab cheese and as much food as i could shove into my mouth and then i'd eat dinner with my husband at 8 pm and then snacked until about 10 pm or so...BAD HABITS! Eat breakfast! Drink water...

Exercise - oh how i hate to say that - i'm not a huge workout girl or ANYTHING like that but i did start regular walks with the stroller (AND my son:)) for at least an hour a day.

Most importantly - you had a baby! your body will have changed! That is OKAY! It may NEVER be the same again!!! You may need to try and find a way to be okay with your new body...I need to take my own advice:)

Good Luck and don't try to be some image of "perfection" that the media shoves down our throats We are beautiful in all our shapes and sizes:)

Christa - posted on 10/28/2009




I use Attain Shakes with craveblockers! They taste great and actually work. I do not feel the need to snack and actually use them for breakfast & lunch and and an Attain bar mid morning. I lost 12 pounds in 3 weeks.

Karla - posted on 10/28/2009




Well, If you are breastfeeding that is one way to loose your weight quicker. All you can really do is eat right and excersize. It really all depends on your body. Some women are able to loose the weight quicker than others. It is just the way we are made. Good luck.

Aideen - posted on 10/28/2009




exercise and eating right. I still had some baby weight 5 years on and flat belly...not a sight of it anywhere. It is possible to get it back, just a lot of work.

Melissa - posted on 10/28/2009




Honestly I did nothing and I lost more weight then I intended. I wasn't big before, but I lost the 24 pounds that I gained and an additional 16 pounds. I nursed though, and when you nurse, you burn 500 calories a day. If you are not nursing, then just plenty of excersize and eating right. Good luck!!

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