I think I want out

Tanya - posted on 07/12/2017 ( 4 moms have responded )




I work full time my husband does a lot of the cooking but nothing else he continually puts me down for every other thing in the house even sex. He says I am fat and lazy and never follow anything through, I get so tired working running around after my teenage daughter and trying to do as well as I can with the house I am also suffering from arthritis at 42 and live in pain everyday. Nothing I do is ever good enough he makes himself into a saint while billitering me and making me feel like a failure. I think I want out of this marriage


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Juni - posted on 07/14/2017




Dear Mom, I am sorry for your frustration and tiredness at the end of the day. Moms, either stay at home or working, are always under-appreciated somehow especially by closest people. You have a big load on your plate. Marriage requires communication, a healthy and truthful one. Have you tried to talk it out with your husband? sometimes spouse does not know what to do because the expectation is not discussed between two of you. Having a teenager around the house is also an important issue to discuss. It takes energy and wisdom to raise a teenager. A lot of activities outside the house which need to be juggled besides house-chores or work.
You are working full time outside. It shows that you are not lazy regardless what other people say to you and about you. You are a responsible mom. Please do not let anything or any one say otherwise. You are a precious and beautiful woman and mom to your daughter.
Although it is hard to connect with your husband, please try to communicate your frustration and expectation to him. Do you think counseling may help? Your teen daughter needs both of you in her life, please be patient and try to work thing out. I pray for the peace of God be with you.

Ronnie - posted on 07/12/2017




you do what you have to. Dont let a man put you down no matter what, even if you have kids or been in a marriage a long time. Noone deserved that. Imagine if that was your daughter (just an example) and a man was talking to her that way. i sure as hell wouldn't have that.

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