is it easyer and less mess to potty train with clothdiapers or just go to big boy underwear


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Jen - posted on 03/17/2009




They do have cloth trainers too. They're made by Kushies and I found them on I have heard that kids will train faster in both underwear alone or even cloth diapers. I'm planning onm using a little of both, but I still have some time b/c my daughter is only 15 months.

Emily - posted on 03/17/2009




I think both sides have their own merits.

With the cloth diaper, if he does poop, it is easier to get it off of him without creating a huge mess. Also if you are out it gives you time to change him if he has an accident instead of him getting the floor or his carseat all wet.

With underwear he does feel more grown up and he can pull the on and off himself. So perhaps it just depends on your situation each day.

Sia - posted on 03/17/2009




I was at home with my son so it was easy for me to put him in underwear.  I took him to the bathroom every hour, then realized he could go for 2 hours before needing to go.  I only used pull-ups when we were going out for an extended period or at nite.  (I was told it is easier to use clth diapers when it is time to change accidents, you have less to take of and the thickness hold more liquid than briefs. )   I preferred briefs because my son could pull them down without my help.

Karina - posted on 03/17/2009




hello, i went with the advice of my friend (mother os 3 boys) she said to put him in big boys undies so he got the feeling of being wet and understood what it meant.

i was going to use training pants but went with the advice from my friend. my son was 3 and i am glad i waited til then (much to the disgust of everyone else!!!) he is now TT after 4 and half its just the night nappy (diaper) to go.

hope this helps...

karina (australia)

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