Is it neccessary to ka contraceptives while breastfeeding?


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Angela - posted on 07/04/2009




DON'T!!! those hormones that you're taking end up in your breast milk. You don't know what that would do to the baby. I'm not trying to cause any fear just educate. It really is not a good idea. For instance if you eat something that causes your baby to get gassy or colicky what do you think the pill/contraceptives will do?
Again, I'm not trying to be rude or anything :-)

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My nurse midwife perscribed ortho micronor pills for me, that were safe with breast feeding. However with my personal hormone chemistry I was so edgy I was grouchy to husband and kids. Bitchyness is great birth control, but I switched back to condoms.

Marie - posted on 07/02/2009




Contraceptives - absolutely. Breastfeeding is no gaurantee for getting pregnant. You can just use condoms if you don't want to take hormones.

Birth control pills can cause your milk volume to shrink though - just something to be aware of. I have not experienced this personally but have heard this from other moms.

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