Is it normal you feel you have a favourite son or daughter?


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It is normal to love your children differently as no two children are the same, but it is not normal or healthy to play favourites. I have a two year old daughter and an 11 week old son. I feel like I have bonded more quickly with my son than my daughter and closer to him, but that is only because this is the second time around and I am more comfortable being a mom. I love both my children equally. Since you were not ready to be a mom when you had your son that is likely the source of your issues. I would recommend spending more time with your son and trying to find the things that he does that are hilarious and attract your attention... he deserves to be cherished as much as your daughter... it is not his fault you were not ready to be a mom yet.

Chikodi - posted on 02/11/2010




It happens most times, but its a very bad thing not to have equal love for all your kids. When they grow to find this out the less favored will equally love you less. Try and come over it love.

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