Is my son having a sesiure

Beth - posted on 02/10/2009 ( 1 mom has responded )




So my son is 13 months old and these last 3 days he just starts to drool out of know where. and then his mouth starts twiching. The first day he spit up some of his milk and then just stated drooling and crying my husband was holding him... The 2nd day was yesterday and he started drooling and it look like he was bitting down on his gums.his back teeth are coming in so thats I was thinking and then today he did the same as yesterday but this time I lookd at it better and his mouth was twiching he was not doing it. and he seemed kinda out of it... I called the doctor and have him set up for 9:30am tommow. Hes not shanking so I have no idea.


Amanda - posted on 02/10/2009




He may be if he is doing doing the same kind of action each time. The twiching. Your doctor by order a EEG. Do not be two alarmed. This is to test the brain waives of your child. My daughter would cry and pass out but never did any twiching or shaking.. They did a EEG on her and she was normal. She would pass out completely when she did this crying bit. After calling 911 the first few times we tried to get use to it. If he is seeming out of it but not passing out and is like I said doing the same kind of behavior he my. You are doing the right thing and just follow through with doctors orders. Hope everthing is OK... I am sure it will be...

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