Is the teenage boys hard to deal with?


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Narelle - posted on 04/13/2009




hi Koschina i hav 5 boys 21,19,15,6 n 2 so i hav had som experience wit teenage boys they can b very lovin sensitive n helpful but also hard work at the same time i hav taught them 2 respect peop at al times n neva hit a woman my 2nd son was out of control n lost 4 a while but seems 2 hav settled as he now has a lovely gfriend who seems 2 keep him grounded my oldest is in the RAAF so i hav done som good wit him my 15 yr old is a gem he plays guitar .soc .cric n is very helpful wit the younger boys so they rnt al bad n u wil always luv them as a mums lov is unconditional i just try put myself in their situation n as we no bein a teenager is hard esp in 2009

Stephanie - posted on 04/06/2009




I have a long way to go since my son is only 1 1/2 yr old, but I grew up with 3 brothers. From my experience they were DEFINITELY hard to deal with. Granted they should/should've had more boundaries, but still they were always doing somethin. My older brother moved out when he was 14 because he blamed my parents for "ruining his life", has been in trouble with people so he bought a gun. My younger brother just got busted for breaking into vending machines at school, isn't going to classes so failing his senior year, and has been a load of problems the last 4 years. Finally my youngest 13yr old brother is just starting to fall into the same routines as the others. Even my 2 stepbrothers (who are pre-teen and a teenager) are more problems than a parent could imagine right now.


Parents really need to have that sense of control BEFORE the teenage years come or it will feel like a constant battle. I'm sure there are great teenage boys around but I haven't seen any in quite awile.

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